Tungsten jigs simply can’t be beat when it comes to ice angling sensitivity. Heavier CPT Tungsten gets baits down to the fish faster, as well as helps keep the coil out of your line.

A straighter presentation translates into more felt bites, and a better hookup ratio. - (Harder than Lead) The harder tungsten jig transmits energy better, which lets you "feel" the structure better.

This in turn enables you to work the jig more effectively and feel underwater timber, or the transition from rock to sand bottom. And Tungsten shows up better on electronics than lead, helping you with a better bait presentation.

Brighter Glow

Our Glow Leech Flutter Spoons not only have brighter glow, they are coated on both sides with a Tri-tone glow design. These new glow color options will stand apart, especially in dark stained water or night time fishing for giant walleye. Get the Glow, and you’ll see the difference.


New Colors

We know our tackle puts more fish on the ice, but we’re always getting better. New colors are a great way to try a combination that may be the hot ticket on any given body of water.