Vertical Drop System (VDS)

The Secret of Ice Fishing Success is gaining traction with open water anglers. So don’t put away your ice fishing baits just yet! Whether over the side of a boat, or through a hole in the ice, vertical fishing requires specific tactics, presentations and baits. And Clam Pro Tackle has the baits that are proving themselves in open water.

With the advanced electronics that are available today, a Vertical Drop System is quickly becoming a successful tactic. It’s the evolution of open water angling…

Anglers used to “fish” to find the fish by time consuming drifting or trolling. Now with technology, you can “hunt and find the fish” first, THEN fish for them. Tournaments will be won by an angler that finds that one giant fish or groups of fish and baitfish, then vertically targets— see ‘em, drop to ‘em, catch ‘em!

The Vertical Drop System, or VDS is a new and evolving tactic, and Clam Pro Tackle is providing the tools to help it take off. Our wide assortment of spoons, jigs, and rattling blades that have proven success on the ice, are now being used for open water angling. The VDS style of fishing is all about fishing smart, instead of hard. By spending less time finding the fish, anglers have more time to find which baits are working better, and start putting fish in the boat faster.